What is Geoportal

Kosovo Cadastral Agency has developed Geoportal which aims to provide complete geographic information, offering wide range of geographical and textual tools to users. Geoportal is a web portal that presents geographic information from different sources in a unified form. 

I would like to comment on data an Geoportal.

The registered user has an option to comment od the data presented on Geoportal by clicking the layer "Feedback informations". Clicking this layer makes the layer active. After this, two option will be presented, respectivly to open a topic of disscussion or adresing the comment to geoportal administrator. 

Veglat dhe ndihma

Komponentë e rëndësishme e hartës janë edhe veglat për përdorim. Pët të gjitha veglat është dhënë edhe ndihma mbi mënyrën e përdorimit të atyre veglave. Ju vetëm dueht të klikoni veglën, dhe pastaj të shtypni butonin në të majtë "ndihmë" do u paraqitet përshrkimi dhe funskionet e veglës.

How to register?

To register at the Geoportal, click the "log in" button. After that, some tables will appear while under the tables the button "create an account" will be shown as well.  Clicking on the "create account" button will send you  to the registration form where you need to fill in the required fields with the correct information. After completing these fields, click the "Save" button. If you have filled out the fields correctly, your account will be displayed on the screen as well as the password for your account . 

How to download data?

To download data, the user must be registered. He also needs to know the concept of selecting and downloading data that are described in the GeoPortal user manual, which can be found on the geoportal front page. The user can download raster and vector data.

Why to register?

The geoportal provides data for registered users and anonymous users. Those who are not registered can only use basic functions such as searching and finding data. Registered users other than the above-mentioned basic functions may download and store data.

How do I search for data?

Data search can be done in a simple and advanced way. Searching can be done by pushing the "search " button, through the search box on the right-hand side (for address), right-click on the map, etc.

How to navigate Geoportal

Given that Geoportal developed by KCA is the first of its kind in Kosovo, special emphasis is given to the creation of a service that will be friendly to users. For this purpose at the main page of the Geoportal is attached a User Manual for use of Geoportal, where in details are explained the options that offers this service, as well as steps that can be followed to access data.