Technical specifications of getAddressMap

Type: WMS service


Description:  the service retrieves a rectangular map image containing geospatial thematic layers that cover the spatial area defined by the input polygon provided by the user. Available thematic layers include:


Road centerlines:  KG_DEV_WS:RoadSegment

Building entrance points:  AR_DEV_WS:Entrance_all

Road name labels:  KG_DEV_WS:RoadNameView

Landmarks:  AR_DEV_WS:Landmark_all

City borough boundaries: KG_DEV_WS:Borough

Municipal boundaries:  KG_DEV_WS:Municipality

Cadastral zone boundaries: KG_DEV_WS:CadastreZone

National boundary: KG_DEV_WS:State


Input parameters according to the format: 

  • BBOX: vector rectangle defined in comma separated coordinates of kosovoref01 spatial system according to the format

  • Bottom: left X, Bottom left Y, Top Right X, Top right Y:

  • Layers:  a list of comma-separated layer names, e.g AR_DEV_WS:Entrance_all, KG_DEV_WS:RoadSegment

  • Width: of the image in pixels (e.g 800)

  • Height: of the image in pixels (e.g 800)


Output: A georeferenced PNG graphic file that displays the specified thematic layers in pre-rendered form.


Example of getAddressMap: