Technical specifications of getAddressByPolygon

Type: WFS service


Description: the service searches for all addresses within the spatial boundaries defined by the input polygon provided by the user, and returns a list of these addresses and their attributes.


Input parameters according to the format

 polygonWKT: vector polygov in OGC WKT (Well Known Text) format: POLYGON ((x1 y1, x2 y2,.......xn yn, x1 y1))


Example of getAddressByPolygon 4699352.017, 7503117.638 4699275.017, 7503288.438 4699201.517, 7503335.338 4699265.217, 7503373.838 4699295.317, 7503238.738 4699345.717, 7503168.738 4699352.017))


Example of getAddressByPoligon:

Download findAddresses output: