Technical Specification for findAddresses

Type: WFS service


Description: the service searches for an address which matches an input text string containing the whole address or a part of the address. Returns a list of matching addresses and their attributes.


Input parameters according to the format :

SearchString (string): whole address or part of the address.

NumberOfRecords (int):  number of unique address records that the user wants returned by the service.



  • Returned outputs: address points and their attributes (in the following order):
  • Entrance ID (int): unique code number of the entrance.
  • Inspire ID (string): unique code according to EU INSPIRE convention
  • Municipality code (int): unique code of Municipality
  • Municipality name (string): name of Municipality in 3 languages.
  • Settlement code (int): unique code of Settlements
  • Settlement name (string): name of Settlement in 3 languages.
  • Borough code (int): unique code of Borough
  • Settlement name (string): name of Borough in 3 languages.
  • Postal Code (int): official Postal Code for mailing purposes.
  • Entrance number (int): unique number of the entrance for addressing purposes.
  • Official valid date (date): date the address was approved by the Municipality.
  • Road name ID: internal ARIS ID (for reference purposes)
  • Road name code: unique code of the named road (i.e. collection of road segments within a Municipality that are assigned the same road name)
  • Road name (string): name of Road in 3 languages.
  • Public Space Type ID (int): unique code of thoroughfare type.
  • Public Space Type (string): name of thoroughfare type in 3 languages.
  • X coordinate (float): X coordinate position of the entrance point in Kosovoref01 Spatial Reference System.
  • Y coordinate (float): Y coordinate position of the entrance point in Kosovoref01 Spatial Reference System.
  • Address Point: spatial position of entrance point in GML (Geographic Markup Language) format.
  • Full address (string): complete address string according to format:  Public Space Type, Road name, Entrance number, Borough name, Settlement name, Municipality name, Postal Code.



Example of findAddresses request:


Example of findAddresses output:

Download findAddresses output: